Thursday, July 6, 2017

2068QB3. IT policy has recently been revised in 2010. Explain the major amendments and focus areas stated in the revised IT-policy.

Major Amendments

  1. Announce IT as primary sector and make it practical use in official and non-official works
  2. Establish knowledge-based industries
  3. Support E-Governance
  4. Motivate to establish and operate Electronic Hardware Technology Park (EHTP)
  5. Expand and improve wireless network nation-wide
  6. Improve GIS, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information System

Focused Areas in IT Policy 2010

  • Outsourcing of IT enabled services, business outsources, remote maintenance and other concerned e-services
  • IT for e-governance and agencies that deal with health, education and businesses 
  • Intellectual  Property rights, e-trade, e-commerce, VOIP, security and data protection, wireless networks, broadband data network and free and open source software

ICT Policy 2015 and Way Forward

Meanwhile, the Government announced ICT Policy 2015 under Minister of Information and Communication which as a good features including the features of IT Policy 2010 too. The Policy has included the part of Information Communication too. But afterwards, as per the Cabinet's decision, the main implementing agency - Department of Information Technology departed from MoIC and the ICT Policy is owned by MoIC and there is no an implementing agency for IT. Hence, now the ICT Policy 2015 is like orphan and need either new organizational structure in the government or still new IT Policy needs to announce soon.

Reference Materials

ICT Policy 2015 (2072 BS)

IT Policy 2010 (2067 BS)

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