Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2068.1.b Q1. What are the functions, duties and power of the controller of the office of the controller of certification? Explain.

According to Electronic Transaction Rules 2067,  the functions, duties and powers are as follows:-
  1. While conducting an inquiry into the application under Rule 13, the Controller shall, if he/she deems appropriate to give a licence to the applicant, grant a licence to the applicant in the format as referred to in Schedule-3, within Sixty days from the registration of the application upon collecting Twenty-Five Thousand Rupees as a fee for the licence.
  2. Where the Controller has, in addition to the documents attached with the application filed under Sub-rule (1) of Rule 12, requested the applicant for additional documents or details under Sub-rule (2) of Rule 13, then the date of receipt of such additional documents or details shall be deemed to be the date of registration of the application.
  3. Upon investigation under Rule 13, the Controller shall, if he/she deems inappropriate to issue a licence to the applicant, have to inform the applicant with reason thereof in writing within Sixty days from the date of filing of the application.
Similarly, other functions, duties and powers of the Controller shall be as follows:

  1. To monitor, cause to be monitored the functions performed by the Certifying Authority;
  2. To carry out necessary supervision in relation to the matter as to whether or not the Certifying Authority has performed the duties as referred to in the licence , and, if it is not found to have been performed, cause it to be done accordingly;
  3. To specify the quality standard of service to be rendered by the Certifying Authority;
  4. To specify the terms required to be specified at the time of issuance of a licence to the Certifying Authority;
  5. To appoint an auditor as per necessity;
  6. To monitor the functions and activities to be performed by the Auditor;
  7. To perform such other functions as may be specified by Government of Nepal from time to time; and
  8. To perform such other functions as may be required to implement the objectives of the Act and these Rules.


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