Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How Monitoring and Evaluation system can be improved in Nepal's development process?

Here some some outlines that helps to improve Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system in Nepal's development process:

  1. Develop concerted policy and strategy for M & E of all development activities
  2. Give high priority to M&E in development activities
  3. Institutionalize M&E as a part of result-oriented development administration
  4. Strengthen M&E capacity of relevant agencies
  5. Integrate M&E into the project management discipline and project cycle
  6. Make result-oriented indicators for M&E comprehensive
  7. Connect performance appraisal to M&E
  8. Make M&E more participatory
  9. Streamline existing M&E guidelines
  10. Train more people for M&E
  11. Develop better database for M&E
  12. Create M&E mechanism in all three levels of the governments: federal, provincial and local level

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